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Julie Reid - Beyond the Surface

Beyond the SurfaceThis exhibition brings together a collection of (mostly) new work made along mycontinued journey of discovery of ‘self’, the importance of drawing, mark making andvisual story telling. These all combine to form the foundation of my work; I find itdifficult to separate myself from the vitality and importance of observational drawingand its ability to begin a story on the surface of a piece of paper with just a fewmarks.

Although the exhibition covers a range of subject matter, each piece starts with anidea that tumbles through my thoughts. Observations & Ideas become sketchbookdrawings and some develop to a painting, collage or collagraph print– or a mixture ofthe three. ‘Drawing’ is always what it continues to be about. ‘drawing’ with a pencil orpaintbrush or in collag

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David Lewis

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Ana Ruiz Agui & Regis Chaperon, "A wander through stone sculpture" in collaboration with David Seeger

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Exploring the Landscape: by Sarah Jennings

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Faye Gagel-Panchal

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Gillian Durno

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Every which that CAN.....

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Three Palettes of Light

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A Different View - Abstract and Still Life Painting

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All in it Together

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Part and Present

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New Beginnings

New Beginnings is an opportunity for Stamford Contemporary Arts to display a fresh new group of artists who are completely new to our allery space.
The theme is one of optimism and hope for this post pandemic era.
Those we are introducing are: Nisha Keshav, Jennie McCall, Mary Kemp and Jane Hindmarch.
‘New Beginnings’ exhibition will run between Monday 25th April until Saturday 21st May,
A preview will be held on Saturday 7th May between 5-7pm, to which all are very welcome.

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In the Mix


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Debbie Waterworth: Up Close and Beautiful

Debbie has a BA Hons degree in Fine Art Painting and Drawing from Northampton University which was achieved as a mature student. Becoming an artist had been a life long ambition. However, opportunities took her in a different direction until she choose to leave a successful corporate career in order to readdress her work life balance and follow her passion.

Debbie Graduated in 2018.Having worked in the cosmetic and beauty industry Debbie was never going to stray far from the concept of beauty, her work is constructed around the idea of aesthetic beauty and is inspired by beauty in nature.Her practice is influenced and informed by artists such as Georgia O’keeffe and Scottish contemporary artist Alison Watts.

Painting in oil Debbie's work is naturalistic not quite photo realist, and

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Ian Bibby

Ian Bibby
Artist Statement

The pandemic has made it difficult for us all to operate normally. For over twelve months the issues of working in a limited way have created ideas and solutions which normally may not have come to fruition. The repeated broadcasts of news and views and the changes in the way we have moved around and observed a different world have created much of the work I am showing at Stamford Contemporary Arts this time.

The drawings are a response to limited resources, more time, different time, confined space, and repeated news about the pandemic. I also turned my attention to killing Covid and developed an air handling machine which kills Covid and other bacteria by using UVC light and special filters. Only now after two years are authorities beginning to see the v

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Mick Stump - New Works

Mick Stump
New Works
11th October - 13th November 2021

I am pleased to exhibit my paintings and drawings again at Stamford Contemporary Arts. The exhibition includes several recent works that show my continued fascination with significant examples and areas of architecture. 

Each painting results from a moment of inspiration. This may be the way sunlight reflects on a section of the windows of a building or how the hugescale of an area becomes apparent because of the weather or simply because it is still and quiet for a moment. London is always a major source of material for me, but as I live in Peterborough, the overpowering presence of the Cathedral frequently catches my attention.

In recent years my use of oil paint has evolved. The subtle, limited colour range that I use all

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Julie Reid 'Beyond the Surface'

Julie's Exhibition will run between 13th September - 9th October
With a private viewing being held on 18th September, 5-7pm

Beyond the Surface

This new body of work adds to my continual process of discovery of ‘Self’, human relationships with nature, the decisions we make and the perceptions we carry. I intend to create a dialogue between the mark making, surface, interwoven collage materials and paint in a journey to search the very essence of human interaction with the environment and nature. As humans we are nature and in turn part of the story and dialogue within each piece.

Trees appear a lot within my work referencing the resilience of nature to human interference with it. Silver birch are my go to tree. I n their creamy grey white bark I see hidden landscapes and mar

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Jax Crew "A Different Corner"

Jax is a local artist who has exhibited with Stamford Contemporary Art since it opened in the November 2019.
She has an MA from De Montfort University, is a member of the Leicester Society of Artists, Welland Valley Arts Society and Rutland Open Studios. Her inspiration comes in making sense of the landscape and surroundings; it is hard to escape from the impact of man's foot print past and present and her life-long fascination with shapes, textures, contrasts and relationships feeds into her constantly evolving visual language.

Jax is a great advocate of exercising your creative muscle and teaches at Rutland Adult Learning Skills Service.

Commissions undertaken.

Jax's Exhibition will run from 14th June - 10th July 2021

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Lucy Cade - The Supposition of her Existence

Lucy's Exhibition will run from Monday 10th May - Saturday 12th June 2021
Lucy will be available in the Gallery on Saturdays to meet and discuss her work.

Lucy is mostly self-taught, having studied Classics at Oxford University. Whilst there, she spent many evenings in the life room at the Ruskin, afterwards completing an art foundation at Oxford Brookes. ;The Supposition of her Existence at Stamford Contemporary Arts is her first solo show. Her paintings have been exhibited in group shows online, at Modern Art Oxford, at art fairs, as well as at ING Discerning Eye (2005). She was a semi-finalist in the ‘Big Art Challenge’ on Channel Five in 2004.

Lucy’s figures are avatars. Through them, she captures moments when we suddenly realise the illusory nature of existence and that conscio

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Debbie Waterworth's Exhibition

Debbie Waterworth - Simple Beauty
Debbie's Exhibition will run Monday 12th April - 9th May 2021
Debbie graduated as a mature student in 2018 with a BA Hons degree in Fine Art Painting and Drawing from Northampton University. Becoming an artist has been a life long ambition which she achieved after a corporate career in the cosmetics industry.Debbie’s work is constructed around the idea of aesthetic beauty, the subject of her dissertation being the uglification of contemporary painting. Her practice is influenced and informed by artists such as Georgia O’keeffe and Scottish contemporary artist Alison Watts. Painting in oil her work is naturalistic not quite photo realist, and often presented on large canvases with contemporary compositions which seek to amplify and focus the attention on

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Stamford College Foundation Art Exhibition

We are currently housing the art exhibition for Stamford College Foundation Art students.
The exhibit will run from 6th - 18th January 2021.
Although we are unfortunately unable to open our doors due to the current National Lockdown, after the hard work the students have put in preparing for an exhibition, it was decided to continue with the exhibition as planned.
All artwork is clearly visible from the outside, and all student statements and artwork can also be viewed under the 'Artists' tab if you wish to browse online.

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All Mixed Up Exhibition with a Variety of Local Artists

We are going to display a range of artists' work who either work in the studio or teach classes for us. This is a thank you for their participation in the difficult year and to give the public a chance to see an eclectic range of work.

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David Cromack

David Cromack, currently President of the Welland Valley Art Society and the organiser of its Spring and Autumn exhibitions, graduated with a Fine Art degree from the Western Australian Institute of Technology (now Curtin University) in the 1970s. A career in magazine journalism, and latterly in publishing books (with wife Hilary) through his Buckingham Press company, meant that artwork was relegated to hobby status until recently.

Though he has shown work in the WVAS exhibitions in the past five years, the exhibition at Gallery Stamford is his first one-man show in the UK.On display will be three distinct strands of his painting:i) Semi-realist landscapes in which trees are the dominant subject matterii) A suite of paintings that utilise the dot technique pioneered by Australian Aborgi

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My Basket