Ana Ruiz Agui & Regis Chaperon, "A wander through stone sculpture" in collaboration with David Seeger

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“Ana Ruiz, "Agui":

Is a XXI century sculptress. Her work appears as heir to the great organic sculptors from the prior century: Brancussi, Arp, Moore... Nevertheless she goes beyond these with a personal approach by focusing more on the tactile than the visual; where complexity and feminine emotion, radical or even contradictory at times, abound; where the heart, motherhood, one’s identity are delicately received and transmitted by the stone through the nuances of the dim light that slides over the surface, as the result of an interior process free of technical difficulties. The stone "softens" and feels warm to the touch. It allows us to project our own emotions. It is, at last... sculpture.” Maribel Sanchez, sculptress and Art Professor at La Laguna University, Spain

Regis Chaperon:

Combining the ancient art of Japanese paper folding with the immutable nature of stone, French sculptor Régis Chaperon brings beauty and an unexpected twist to the folds of his elegant sculptures. Using pure and simple lines, the stone appears to have been carefully creased and bent, transformed into intricate works of art.By continually exploring the geometric constraints within his work, Régis injects an utterly modern approach to stone sculpting with this unusual marriage: the delicacy and magic of origami, coupled with the meditative nobility of stone. The light and ephemeral casts of youth granted the weight and the dignity of age. The transitory transformed, and given the gift of permanence.

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