Ian Bibby

Ian Bibby
Artist Statement

The pandemic has made it difficult for us all to operate normally. For over twelve months the issues of working in a limited way have created ideas and solutions which normally may not have come to fruition. The repeated broadcasts of news and views and the changes in the way we have moved around and observed a different world have created much of the work I am showing at Stamford Contemporary Arts this time.

The drawings are a response to limited resources, more time, different time, confined space, and repeated news about the pandemic. I also turned my attention to killing Covid and developed an air handling machine which kills Covid and other bacteria by using UVC light and special filters. Only now after two years are authorities beginning to see the validity of this being a method of dealing with Covid in addition to vaccines. To control and clean the air we breathe is fundamental to human health and likewise producing my art and inventions keeps me sane, more especially in these strange times with scarce interactions. The making of marks to assemble some order, or the reorganisation of chaos is more than interesting. It is a like a sound poetry of many parts. An organisation of cosmic dust.

Ian Bibby's exhibition will run from Monday 17th January until Saturday 12th February.
An opening will be held on Saturday 22nd January, 5-7pm all welcome to come and meet the artist.

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