Julie Reid - Beyond the Surface

Beyond the SurfaceThis exhibition brings together a collection of (mostly) new work made along mycontinued journey of discovery of ‘self’, the importance of drawing, mark making andvisual story telling. These all combine to form the foundation of my work; I find itdifficult to separate myself from the vitality and importance of observational drawingand its ability to begin a story on the surface of a piece of paper with just a fewmarks.

Although the exhibition covers a range of subject matter, each piece starts with anidea that tumbles through my thoughts. Observations & Ideas become sketchbookdrawings and some develop to a painting, collage or collagraph print– or a mixture ofthe three. ‘Drawing’ is always what it continues to be about. ‘drawing’ with a pencil orpaintbrush or in collage ‘drawing’ with the shapes of paper and colour. This sets inmotion the development of the idea plus a sense of renewal and continuation of thestory ‘Beyond the Surface' of the paper or boardI intend my work to be multi-dimensional to the viewer with the hope that the storycontinues in their eyes. What may initially be seen as a landscape, woodland, tinysection of a beach or a group of pots from distance, on approach I ask the viewer totake in the detail of the many materials used; text from poetry, music notations,found and hand painted papers, along with fragments or found objects from the land.

Each piece becoming not only a metaphor of the importance of observation but alsoa fragment of the initial idea, emotion or thought taking the viewer ‘Beyond theSurface’Julie has exhibited widely across the UK and Europe and her work is held in privateand public collections across the UK, Western & Eastern Europe, Australia & theUSA..In 2021 she was awarded as one of the winners of Cadaquès MiniprintInternational in NE Spain

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