Mick Stump - New Works

Mick Stump
New Works
11th October - 13th November 2021

I am pleased to exhibit my paintings and drawings again at Stamford Contemporary Arts. The exhibition includes several recent works that show my continued fascination with significant examples and areas of architecture.

Each painting results from a moment of inspiration. This may be the way sunlight reflects on a section of the windows of a building or how the hugescale of an area becomes apparent because of the weather or simply because it is still and quiet for a moment. London is always a major source of material for me, but as I live in Peterborough, the overpowering presence of the Cathedral frequently catches my attention.

In recent years my use of oil paint has evolved. The subtle, limited colour range that I use allows my preferred, disciplined method of working to balance with my intuitive response to each subject. In this way my exploration of the subject happens as I work on the painting. I have a direction of travel as I work on it, but I do not know how the painting will look until it is complete. David Bomberg used to describe this as like finding the exact key that unlocks a lock. I also continue to work in charcoal as I find that this allows me to show the power and weight of a subject in a very direct way. They feel to me like sculpture as I work on them.

I am always happy to discuss my work and so I will aim to be in the gallery every Saturday afternoon during the show. I look forward to seeing you if you can make it.

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