Mick Stump - The London Paintings

Mick is proud to introduce a whole new set of work for this exhibition.

London is very dear to his heart. He grew up on the outskirts and his family are Eastenders. His children all live and work there now. He loves the buzz of the city, the dominating, but beautiful, buildings and structures, the variety and contrast of old against new. Mick always visits as frequently as possible and as he moved around London before lockdown he often searched for a gap in the crowds, or a quiet moment before an area woke up in order to record his chosen subject.
"The thrill of having a significant place to myself, if only for a moment, was always special. I wanted to capture that in my paintings".

Mick prefers to truly master a limited palette rather than include unnecessary colours for decoration in his paintings. A year and half ago he went back to School, to a traditional Atelier in London, to revisit his oil painting practices and from here Mick started a new direction in his work.

The paintings here at Stamford Contemporary Arts aim to build upon the sense of powerful structures present in his charcoal black and white drawings. The use of oil paint allows him to add subtleties of light and colour.

Mick is happy to discuss, subject matter, technical issues (or anything really) further, and he will be in the Gallery on the afternoons of Wednesday 23 September, Saturday 3 October, Saturday 10 October and Saturday 17 October.

Micks exhibition will run between Monday 21st September - 24th October 2020.

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