An exhibition of work by three artists who have each followed different pathways in their creative development. Stephen Murfitt’s work is driven by an obsession with clay and its’ versatility. He makes ceramic forms and vessels which are hand-built and Raku fired. He became addicted to Raku because of the essential direct involvement with each stage of the process. The pots absorb and reflect the intense drama of the firing.

Terry Beard’s work is a response to elements within the natural and built environment, particularly the landscape of the Fens which surrounds her studio. Intuitive decisions are made as the work develops. A range of materials and processes are used to achieve her final result, including mono-print, acrylics and collage.

Ian Bibby says ‘There is no relationship to art at all, save that because I tried to learn about the making of it, I realised that looking, thinking and making opens the doors to illusion. The idea that experiences can be manipulated afterwards, seeds of explanation sown and propagated to create conclusions, illusions moving and interpreted within the passage of time to gull.’ Marcel Duchamp illusions. Portrait of Mona Lisa with moustache and caption LHOOR. “She has a beautiful arse”“You cannot define electricity. The same could be said of art. It is a kind of current in a human being or something which requires no definition” Marcel Duchamp.

My Basket